Weed Leaf Beanie

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  • Keep warm in this FASHIONABLE marijuana headgear while you smoke a big bud. The must have winter hat for all stoners!
  • These thick cannabis leaf beanie hats come in a RANGE OF COLOURS and will you toasty warm while exploring in the freezing cold.
  • acrylic
  • FD47991
  • This ONE-SIZE FITS ALL has an adjustable roll cuff ear band for extra warmth perfect for weed smokers.
  • This weed clothing turn up beanie hat is EXCLUSIVE to Bang Tidy Clothing - you won't find this on the high street or marijuana tipster!
  • This weed leaf beanie hat is an officially licensed Product! All designs are copyright of BANG TIDY CLOTHING Ltd. Bang Tidy Clothing is a registered trademark of Bang Tidy Clothing Ltd. All rights are reserved.