Raw Paper Tips, Brown, Pack of 50

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Burn your fingertips no more! Paper Tips for roll-your-own smokes. These tips are made popular in Europe - Tips prevent waste or soggy ends by giving smokers a spacer at the end of their cigarette (similar to a filter - no more burned lips), plus they help prevent that "ptUUUeehh" sound you make as your tobacco slips out of the end of your cigarette and gets caught in your mouth. When you get to the end of your blunt, simply plant the tip instead of disposing. When planted the natural Raw paper breaks down and helps feed the seeds. Mother nature has given us beautiful plants to smoke, let's replant and replenish. Roll them up and enjoy!

  • RAW Natural Rolling Paper Tips are a new product that is taking the smoking market by storm.
  • 100 % Chemical Free
  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • Pack of 50 Roach Cards