RAW Glass Rolling Tray (Rare)

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The RAW Glass Tray is designed with high quality double thick translucent glass and curved edges to hold all your herbs and papers. Featuring double-thick glass that has been given a frosted finish to give you a cool and icy look to the glass. This rolling tray is nice and big, so it can fit all of your custom smoke supplies. This glass tray features an emblazoned RAW Logo design that looks RAWsome. And is the size in 11 x 13-inch surface sits perfectly in your lap and has just the right amount of weight to it. The small is great for just doing a quick roll or if you need one to travel with. Take your new artistic RAW tray home today!

  • Awesome new RAW Glass Rolling Tray. Each glass tray is 32cm long and 26.5cm in width and has the Raw logos emblazoned across the clear translucent glass. The glass is thick and solid, all four corners have been rounded off as you would expect as well as the inside corners of the tray, ensuring nothing will get 'stuck' in any unseen places. Aesthetically looks great and does the job it was born to do. Comes in a branded Raw box, ideal gift or better still, treat yourself! Raw Glass Tray Round Corners Translucent Glass Size: 32cm x 26.5cm Packaged in RAW Gift Box Made by Raw