2 Piece Disguised Cards Grinder

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Whether you are preparing herbs for medical usage or smoking, this grinder is a perfect option to satisfy your basic needs! Grind in style with the distinctive character and craftsmanship that comes across in the refined styling of the Masterworks of art and in the performance of a 2 Piece Disguised Cards Grinder.


  • Our grinders have a strong lid and a non-stick ring that keeps it freely rotating for an easy grind whereas keeping all components together, thus you do not lose your precious cargo.

  • With sufficient sharp teeth, this grinder can smoothly grind up your herbs into smaller sizes and remain the original flavor better.

  • Our grinder is easy to wash by water with scraper or brush. just clean and dry it so that it can stay in best condition.

Buy now 2 Piece Disguised Cards Grinder are of marvelous use and it can make your living.