500Ml Dr Green Pipe And Bong Cleaner

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DESCRIPTION 500ml Dr. green pipe and bong Cleaner is perfect for cleaning the resin buildup that happens on glass pipes or cleans vaporizers, or bongs of all materials including glass, ceramics, metal, and plastic. It will not leave any unwanted residue and it is non-toxic. PRODUCT FEATURES This cleaner is non-water-dissoluble and residues build up in any smoking device, whether a bong or a vaporizer. Bowls get grimy, tubes and pipes get blocked and processors get sticky with hash precious stones. Furthermore, general cleaning will keep up the nature of your smoking knowledge and expand the life of your device. The bundle incorporates all the vital solvents, brushes and cleaners you require. Remove components, let soak and scrape clean with a poker. Buy this 500 ml Dr Green Pipe And Bong Cleaner for good cleaning and Deal with the issue with this cleaner today.