Blaze Glass Mini Die O oilbong Glass Bong

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Marvel at it's beauty and be mesmerised by it! Boasting a 4-slit inline-diffusor and it's borosilicate glass this baby is sure to impress even the most hardcore dabbers out there. She's light at just 170 grams and has a sweet Blaze Glass print on her. She'll be ready to go as soon as you take her out of the box, just put the quartz nail in (included!), get the dome out,  have the blow torch at the ready and you're away, enjoy! 

Material: Borosilicate glass 

Colour: clear/black 

Print: 'Blaze Glass' 

Height: 180mm 

Diameter: 12mm 

Grind: SG 10F (10mm), female 

Wall Thickness: 3mm 

Percolator: 4-slit inline diffusor