2cm Width Mens 24k Gold Chain

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Exclusive hip-hop street styled gold chain accessory for men.  This chain has been developed with only use 24k gold (THE PUREST form of gold) rather than 10k or 14k! No cheap base metals coppers that turn green or nickel that is harmful.


  • This Diamond cut Cuban Link chain Is 2 mm in width.
  • Our prized formula is in the uncommon composite of the best holding metals we use to guarantee the look of solid gold and its long life.
  • When you stroll into a room you'll get looks. Our jewelry is made with a restrictive equation known just to our profoundly talented artists.
  • Designed for both men and women, it might be worn with a pendant or worn alone.
  • Our chains come in gold boxes or dark pockets for simple gift-giving.

Buy this beautiful trendy necklace which is a made from a purest form of gold to make you feel good as well as look good.