ShinePapers 24K Gold Woven Blunt Paper - 1 Pack

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Following on from the success of the Shine papers we now have Shine Woven Blunt. The gold blunt wraps have been handcrafted from 24k gold leaf edible gold, these are not for eating but only for smoking! The gold woven blunts themselves smoke nice and clean, the gold leaf burns evenly and smooth.

Each of these incredibly pimp blunt skins comes pre-rolled and stored in a glass tube.

Gold has a positive effect on body energy, its harmony, causes inner peace and supports sexual activity. The healing effects of gold have been recognized thousands of years ago by ancient Chinese, Indians or Egyptians.


  • The most luxurious woven blunt on the market.
  • Measures 5 " L x 0.75 " W.
  • Each pack contains 1 woven blunt in a glass tube.


  • Material: 24K gold
  • Amount in pack: 1
  • Proportions of pack: 1 Gold Woven Blunt
  • Size of paper:  Super King Size Woven Blunt