4 Piece Deluxe Golden Herb Grinder

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The 4 Piece Deluxe Golden Herb Grinder is a high performing processor, ideal for crushing your most loved smoking herbs! its a metallic versatile design with very good looking appearance. The Deluxe Golden Herb Grinder is the main processor in its class that offers you the two materials in rock solid metallic gold.


  • Not at all like other over-evaluated, sub-standard processors available, we can guarantee that our processors are produced using more grounded and more sturdy materials than the modest crushers.
  • 4-Piece chamber configuration will isolate the better granulates from the course.
  • No battery required to work a processor.
  • Basically hand wind and your new flavors are prepared to use!
  • This low-tech arrangement is an incredible method to granulate your own supply of herbs.

Buy this incredible 4 Piece Deluxe Golden Herb Grinder as it is perfect for crushing your herbs the way you want it to be done.