Gas Mask Bong With Lens

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The smoke mask has the characteristics of good beauty and barrier, air permeability, innocuity and tasteless and so on. It is a necessary product for advertising promotion, festival celebration, birthday party, Christmas, bar, exhibition, and public relations planning.

Package list:
1 x Mask
1 x Straight Pipe

1. unique creative design
2. fine glass tobacco pipe accessories
3. You can use it as a mask to filter out toxic gases
4. You can use it as a hookah pipe to filter cigarette Hookah pipe
5. Unlike ordinary hookah masks, this mask is made of a transparent plastic lenses so that it has a broader view. The lens is connected with soft silica gel, which is close to the skin and does not cause damage.

1. This product is made of non-toxic environmental materials;
2. This product is used for all types of cigarette and tobacco;
3. This product can help filtering tobacco tar, nicotine reducing tar and harm to human body;
4. This product is novel and practical structure reasonable smoke resistance, convenient use and good effect of filtration is the best choice for the majority of smokers.

1. Material: Silica gel
2. Type: Coated lens / Ordinary lens
The difference between the two:The coated lens is like a mirror, coated on the outer layer, and no one can see your face from outside. Ordinary lenses are completely transparent.