Why Cannabis Should Be Legal/ The benefits of Legalisation

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Why Cannabis Should Be Legal/ The benefits of Legalisation 

In the past, marijuana used to conjure up the image of a strung out and reckless individual. Now, countries and states across the globe continue to become more open to the use of cannabis and are legalizing its use. Following the US’s lead in the relaxation on anti-drug laws especially on marijuana, more people are pushing for the legalization of weed.

The most common reasons cited for the legalization of marijuana include:
Economic reasons:

  • Income and Jobs

With the legalization of cannabis comes the creation of jobs that benefits both the economy and it's tax-payers. It is no secret that the cannabis industry is booming, therefore countries like the UK can take advantage of this and create jobs that set the ball rolling for the economic activity in the cannabis industry.

  • Benefits from the Long-Term Growth of the Legal Pot Industry

As a fast-growing industry, investors can take advantage of its enormous growth potential. Much like in the US, if cannabis were legal, marijuana stocks would be free to list on reputable stock exchanges, which would improve their liquidity and add onto reporting standards.
Social reasons:

  • Marijuana Is Less Harmful Than Other Legalized Drugs

Alcohol and tobacco are legal, yet they are known to cause serious health issues like cancer and heart failure among many. Marijuana, on the other hand, has been proven to provide many health benefits. By legalizing marijuana, you would be opening up doors to numerous medical benefits of it.

  • Easy to Grow and Environmentally Friendly

Growing and maintaining cannabis plants is very simple and easy to do. These plants can be grown without chemicals, therefore, making it very environmentally friendly. In addition, cannabis itself has an ability to clean up toxins underground, which is known as phytoremediation, making the soil a lot healthier and useful for farming. This alone can help boost other agricultural sectors.

As you can see, the use of cannabis goes far beyond its recreational use. In fact, by legalizing marijuana, countries will be opening themselves up to numerous benefits that will affect more than one sector.


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