Our Top 5 Rolling Papers Suited To You

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Our Top 5 Rolling Papers Suited To You

The value and importance of quality rolling paper is a highly underrated part of smoking weed, and is often overlooked. It affects one’s experience in terms of taste enhancement and product conservation. Picking and using the right rolling paper takes you one step closer to bliss.  With the numerous options available in the market, choosing the best bunch of rolling paper has become a lot trickier. Do not fret because this is where we step in.

This curated list of the best rolling papers focuses on those that have the best online reviews and the biggest social following.

Our Top 5 Rolling Paper's

RAW’s rolling paper is eco-friendly and made from unrefined chemical free organic hemp which helps bring out the flavor in your marijuana. They are also best known for their slow burn that produces little ash and is light-weight.
  • Elements 

This paper is ideal for those who prefer natural rice paper that burns slowly. Their paper has a patented crisscross watermark throughout the paper, to slow the burn down even further.
Elements offer a much cleaner experience than other rolling paper in the market.

  • Pure Hemp 

Their rolling paper made from pure hemp is 100% natural and free from any chemicals. Every Pure Hemp rolling paper carries a signature watermark and guarantees a high-quality roll-up every time. Pure Hemp king size unbleached rolling papers are the connoisseur’s choice of leaf.

  • Juicy Jay’s 

Juicy Jay’s offers some of the best flavor rolling paper including watermelon, strawberry, and much more. They used soy-based ink one of their paper with a triple dipped flavoring system that is exclusive to them.

  • High Hemp 

Commonly known as CBD wraps and High Hemp Herbal wraps, this is best suited for those who want to reduce the risk of smoking as much as possible. The rolling paper has no tobacco, nicotine or any growth stimulants.


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